Who A Di Don

Venue: Main House

Dates: 21 Jul 2012 - 22 Jul 2012

Price(s): £ 25

We knew something big was on the Horizon for Jamaica's 50th when we heard that the king of comedy Oliver Samuels was to take a natural step in his glorious career by writing, starring and co-directing his first play, and  has created a blockbuster set to break all box offices.

Oliver takes the serious donmanship issues that has affected the island over the years and make it into a hilariously funny play.
Oliver Samuels set to knock out audience with laughter with his unique one liners that  only the maestro can deliver  and with  co star  the ever popular Audrey 'dance hall queen' Reid with her customary polish performance, plus support  Ruth  Ho Shing, Kadeem Wilson and Brain Johnson.

Dates, Times and Prices

Performances: Sat 21 & Sun 22 Jul 8pm

The most hilarious comedy to hit the Jamaican theatre scene in years... Foot stomping, belly grabbing... uncontrollable laughter
Sunday Observer
A golden masterpiece... Oliver's gift to Jamaica in its independence year
Daily Observer
This is a very funny play that all Jamaicans all over the world must see. Solid performances... a rib tickling experience...
The Gleaner

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This show finished on: 22 Jul 2012

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