About Candice Brathwaite: Manifesto

Join us for an inspiring evening with critically-acclaimed Sunday Times bestselling author, advocate, journalist and TV presenter Candice Brathwaite, as she shares her revolutionary and inclusive approach to manifesting.

Manifesting. Big Magic. The Law of Attraction – call it what you will, we have all heard of it and there’s no denying that using your mind to bring your dreams into reality is having a moment.

But what if your life experiences so far have demonstrated the exact opposite? What does manifesting look like if you're not white, thin, traditionally pretty, or able-bodied? What does it look like if the world - so far - hasn't had your back?

In this special conversation, Candice will tell us exactly what manifesting looks like. Focusing on the four pillars of Wellness, Wealth, Love and Happiness, Candice, with her customary no bullsh*t candour, will guide you towards the life you deserve and show you that manifesting can be for everyone – not just those to whom the universe has already been kind.

Whether you want to improve your health, career, finances or love life, or just find contentment in your everyday, don’t miss the opportunity to learn and ask advice directly from a woman who has learnt to manifest the hard way; with her game-changing approach that can teach us to do the same, as she shares her revolutionary and inclusive approach to manifesting explored in her new book Manifesto.

Presented by Fane.