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    When Bridgerton came to Hackney Empire

    28 June 2024
  2. A photo of Keith Khan wearing a white shirt and khaki trousers on stage with Hackney Empire's auditorium behind him smiling at the camera

    Keith Khan appointed as Creative Director

    20 June 2024
  3. The A Thousand Splendid Suns company performing at Hackney Empire

    How my friend fell in love with theatre

    22 May 2024
  4. Actress Deborah Pugh is wearing a white vest and a black blazer with a snake brooch. She is standing in front of a mic stand with her hands up in the air. Photo taken by Camilla Adams.

    Inside the world of Beautiful Evil Things

    18 April 2024
  5. A collage image of Beautiful Evil Things, Peppa Pig and Ed Gamble

    Read or listen to our May - Aug brochure

    16 April 2024
  6. A group of dancers on stage creeping behind each other in a line while the one at the front of the line is sitting on a suitcase holding a shoe.

    My Night at Ballet Black: HEROES

    27 March 2024
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    Meet the musicians behind The Sun Does Shine

    4 March 2024
  8. Group image of all the finalist that participated at Alter Ego 2024 with the red curtain as the background

    Rain announced as the winner of Alter Ego 2024

    29 February 2024
  9. A photo of Hackney Empire Creative Futures cohort on stage together performing a piece of spoken word.

    Entry for All: First Five with Yomi Sode, Rapman and Special Guests

    7 February 2024
  10. A photo of the auditorium of Hackney Empire showing a full crowd holding their phones in the air with their torches on.

    Read or listen to our Jan - Apr brochure

    15 January 2024
  11. One young person is sat down on the floor drumming onto a bucket whilst six others around them dance and move in response.

    ADP 2023 UNmuted: Film and soundtrack now released

    20 December 2023
  12. Full Company pose on stage in front of Hack-ne-lah Town Hall in the finale of Aladdin.

    The reviews are in for Aladdin

    5 December 2023