About Nish Kumar: Nish, Don't Kill My Vibe

In this election year – with the country in turmoil – there’s only one comedian who can kill the mood even further…   

Nish Kumar,one of The Guardian and The Telegraph’s 50 Best Comedians of the 21st Century, is back on tour with his brand new politically-charged stand-up show.

Expect jokes about climate collapse, income inequality and the emotional sensation of being a British Indian man who isn’t going to vote for a British Indian Prime Minister. It’s 80 minutes of sweet, sweet vibe killing, plus support act and interval.  

As seen and heard on The Mash Report, Taskmaster, Pod Savethe UK, Live at the Apollo, Hold the Front Page and your favourite tabloid newspaper.   

Presented by Plosive Live in association with PBJ Management.

4 Stars

"The smartest, and often the silliest, political comic we’ve got"

The Guardian

4 Stars

"Kumar is a commanding, self-knowing storyteller who threads big jokes through even the knottiest moments… roaringly funny"

The Times